Mother's Milk Soap

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Mother's Milk Custom Soap

The Breast Milk Soap phenomenon began in China and was viewed as a way to obtain whiter, clearer, softer skin.  However, in the United States a more conservative view was taken pointing out that human breast milk is a “bodily fluid” and needs to be respected as such.  The position of the medical community is that the potential for transmission of undesirable bacteria could exist if milk was used from a person in poor health. So keeping breast milk “all in the family” is highly recommended.

Finding breast milk soap in a store or even on the internet is not common, and in our opinion, should remain that way.  The production of breast milk soap is best left to experienced makers serving the needs of families who provide their own milk.  Milk is a perishable product, plus the vitamin, mineral and fat content varies greatly between people.  Temperatures in hot-process soap-making would destroy the nutrient benefit of the soap once cooked. However, cold-process soap-making; where no heat is applied, does offer a higher level of retained nutrients. If the soap is made through an artisanal process with attention paid to milk storage temperatures, proper handling, safety and prompt usage, a lovely product can result. 

It is visually impossible to tell that the soap was made with breast milk instead of goat/coconut or other milks. The weight, hardness and pH were all within normal parameters.  The lather and feel are very nice and meet expectations.

 Breast milk soap is certainly thinking outside the box, but it is a very PERSONAL decision to use such a soap for your family. We would be grateful for the opportunity to create your “special” family soap.  Read more...

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 Mother's Milk Soap

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