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Recently we had a question about using palm oil in our soaps. So we wanted to take a moment and share this with you.
Palm Oil is known for creating a long lasting and hard bar with small bubbles and a creamy texture. Whereas coconut oil makes larger bubbles, it can be skin drying in larger amounts. Palm oil will make a harder, longer lasting bar because it is less soluble in water, unlike coconut oil. Palm oil contains very little natural glycerin, so although it makes nice bubbles, it is not considered a moisturizing type of oil. The perfect marriage is using both palm and coconut oils along with the other skin loving oils & ingredients that Bella’s uses.

Bella’s is dedicated to knowing what is in our products, where they come from, how they are tested, their sustainability and sources from local businesses wherever possible. Bella’s Soap Box & LuvBar Butter has applied to and have received the Leaping Bunny Program certification.

Bella’s purchases palm oil locally from Glory Bee and this is their statement: There is much discussion within the palm oil industry about the destruction of rainforests when harvesting palm oil. This destruction of rain forests is known to cause the decline in orangutan population. As a company, we are very concerned about this, and as a result, we only source palm oil from suppliers who sustainably harvest and produce and who are members of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO This product is also qualified for use by companies certified by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (Leaping Bunny

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