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Bella’s is happy to announce that we are working with Planet Verde. They have added a Home Delivery Program. Not only will you find #farmfresh produce and locally made items but you will also find an assortment of items from Bella’s LuvBar Butter!

—> ORDER HERE  Farm Fresh Produce, Locally Prepared Items, Kombucha and SOAP!

S.L.O.W. Food Solutions is the Home Delivery program of Planet Verde, a distributor of locally grown and produced food. We make it possible for farmers and producers to work together to meet the growing demand for local, sustainable food in the Eugene area. Farmers and producers benefit from the marketing, selling, packaging, and delivering of their produce and prepared foods. Our marketplace brings fresh, healthy, locally grown and produced food to you, the buyer, in a cost-effective manner on a regular basis.

Ordering from S.L.O.W helps to build and support our community and to preserve our precious agricultural land for future use.

Planet Verde serves the Eugene area from Danebo to Laurel Hill. Currently delivering to: 97405, 97403, 97401, and parts of 97402.

Hop on over to Planet Verde on Facebook and show them some Luv…

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