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Bella’s Soap Box
The Romance of Bathing….beyond getting clean

As a child, I was the one who played for hours in the bubbles, as a young adult I began adding this and that to the tub creating unique experiences.

I am fortunate to have a career in travel with Explor Cruises, my love of travel has given me the opportunity to experience the customs and cultures of faraway lands – experiences that I want to recreate here at home.

In the South Pacific (Fiji and Tahiti specifically) I have experienced outdoor rock showers, some in courtyards filled with tropical vegetation, with ocean front views and directly on a private beach. Bath tubs/soaking tubs inside with ribbons of sunshine through the windows, tub surrounds large enough for fresh flowers and bottles of champagne.

Outdoor tubs sitting on private decks, courtyards, next to the beach surrounded again with wild tropical vegetation, hanging on cliff sides above the ocean, fresh flowers floating in the water – all perfect for gazing at the moon and stars with the warm salty air and exotic floral aromas all around. Many resorts will welcome you with a relaxing foot soak and massage; an amazing way to begin your holiday.

Spa’s in a dense tropical rainforest or directly on the beach, fresh aromatic flowers placed nearby, the ocean lapping under the massage table or the music of the rainforest and waterfall as experienced hands work their magic with warm exotic oils. This experience is often shared with a loved one.

The European bath houses & spas by comparison are usually found in older ornate buildings with a wealth of history at your fingertips. The famous Turkish Bath where you are scrubbed with a soft brush that create a mountain of scented bubbles and followed with a warm lotion massage. Sauna’s and hot tubs on a cold winter day renew the body and spirit. Go for a swim in a warm water outdoor “river” with snow all around you while you are warm in the pool of moving water replicating a river. This experience is often shared with friends, family and people gathering to enjoy this time-honored tradition of health and wellness.

Thermal baths near volcanic areas such as Iceland or even the hot springs in the Pacific Northwest. The beauty of the natural environment, the sounds and scents…nothing is better than sharing this organic experience with a loved one.

Here at home it is a steam shower scented with essential oils, a corner tub with windows to bring the outdoors in filled with hot water, bubbles and exotic scents & oils, a hot tub outside with the rain gently falling or if we are lucky the snow will be falling, the stars will be out, a cool beverage and loved ones to share the experience.

My desire is to bring you luxury bath & shower items to replicate those experiences in your own home. To give you permission to focus on yourself and your loved ones, carving out time for you and yours renewing your body and spirit.

From Bubbles to Beauty!

Soaps, Lotions and Potions

Artisan products made in small batches with skin loving natural ingredients.


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