The Romance of Bathing….

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The Romance of Bathing….

Seriously, how does romance apply to bath & body products?


We want you to slow down and focus on the experience itself, reconnecting with each other.  While in the background, Bella’s Soap Box and LuvBar Butter provides nutrition for your skin with organic butters & oils, essential oils, and beautiful botanicals.  

The Urban Dictionary describes Romance as…

“Romance is a state of connection between two people that is brought about by thoughtful sentimental gestures that mean something to one or both parties; gestures that communicate care, understanding and love, as well as a desire to reach out and connect through the heart with a partner.

The purpose of romance is to show the person you love that you're thinking about them, that you would like to them to slow down so you can connect with them, so you can share love again, for a time together. Best when thoughtfully planned, also good when spontaneously carried out, it should never attempt to be forced.”

Romantic gestures can be; a massage after a long day, stopping your partner for a slow dance in the living room while making dinner, a relaxing foot soak and massage, a spontaneous picnic or trip somewhere special, a bubble bath with a child, preparing the bed/room for lovemaking, your partner taking care of dinner & the kids while you enjoy a hot bath pampering yourself with romance, a handwritten note, a thoughtful loving comment, tenderly washing your elderly parent’s hair, changing a baby’s diaper and gently applying cream, a long soak in a shared bath, or any other number of gestures or actions that cause a person to slow down and reconnect. Romantic gestures are usually simple and sweet. They cause your partner/loved ones to remember who you are, and why they love you in the first place.

Stop, slow down, and reconnect through the intoxicating aromas, creamy hydrating Shea butter, iridescent soapy bubbles, invigorating sugar scrubs and soothing bath soaks.  Bella’s Soap Box and Luvbar Butter, setting the stage for romance.  It really does go beyond getting clean.

xx Bella’s & Luvbar


       The romance of bathing Bella's Soap Box and LuvBar Butter
The romance of bathing Bella's Soap Box and LuvBar Butter       The romance of bathing Bella's Soap Box and LuvBar Butter
The romance of bathing Bella's Soap Box and LuvBar Butter

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