2019 Slug Queen contestant, Slimella Bella

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Introducing The 2019 Slug Queen contestant, Slimella Bella; a very hopeful 2019 contestant for the honorable title of Slug Queen!

My day job as a travel consultant with Explor Cruises specializing in small ship cruises all over the world keeps me slimmin’ busy until around 4. Then I turn into a soap making slug!

I am married to a German slug who likes to tell humans that he is from NE Portland when they ask about his accent. We have 1 human son (damn recessive genes, we were hoping he would look a little bit like us!), his beautiful wife and grandson.  

We also have two cats Lola Belle and Bella Boo Boo Kitty plus our huge slug loving dog, Jori McGillicuddy II. We are also the caretakers to 4 active bee hives. We live on an acre in Veneta that I like to call Green Acres, I channel my inner Ava Gabor daily especially when I put on my high heeled slippers with the feathers!
Glitter is my favorite color, with sparkles a close second. I love to cook and feed my friends ending with an evening of laughter, silly photos and amazing memories (we might even dance on the bar too!). I grocery shop with a 6 page spreadsheet because what if you want to make Banana’s Foster crepes at 3am? You have to have all of the ingredients on hand right?

We love listening to live music and I have mastered chair dancing since injuring my back LOL! I enjoy wine and when the Zombies come my plan is to create a tunnel to the closest winery to keep my supply chain clear of outside threats. I like riding in the car with the top down, but I have to bundle up like a 1960's starlet to keep from "drying out!".

The Slug Queen competition is the ultimate adult playground and I am excited to be a part of this. Growing up in Eugene this has always been on my to do list-someday…well someday is here and in 2019 I hope to join a long list of amazing Slug Queens!




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