Slimella Bella

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Slimella Bella

2019 Slug Queen Contestant 

A heartfelt thank you to Terah Van Dusen for taking these great photos!

We will be out and about in the weeks leading up to the 2019 Slug Queen Coronation on August 9th in Eugene.

July 31st - Springfield Rotary Club - Springfield

August 1st - Emerald Business Partners, Eugene

August 7th - Veneta Pop-Up Retail District - Veneta

See what the Fern Ridge Review wrote about Slimella Bella!

90 by 30, Reducing Child Abuse 90% by 2030!
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Slimella Bella  Slimella Bella  Slimella Bella


    Slimella Bella  Slimella Bella  


Slimella Bella  Slimella Bella


    Slimella Bella  
 Slimella Bella   Slimella Bella  
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