Bella’s LuvBar Butter Date Night Package

  • $35.00

Perfect for those home together or as a gift to a loved one letting them know you are thinking of them.

Choose one from one of Bella's soap & LuvButter combinations plus, complimentary Bella’s Bath Bonbon’s (2), Bella’s Solid Sugar Scrub Gumdrops (4) and Chocolate Stones from Temper & Mo Chocolatier (4)

 Naked & Unscented soap and unscented LuvButter

Lavender soap with ground lavender buds and lavender LuvButter
Nag Champa soap with ground roses & lavender and frankincense LuvButter
Citrus-rose soap and rose LuvButter, Raspberry scented beer soap infused with hops and lemongrass LuvButter
Champagne, wildflower & honey soap and geranium LuvButter
Chocolate, Cardamon rose soap (chocolate from Temper & Mo Chocolatier) and coconut LuvButter
Spearmint-Rose Salt soap and peppermint LuvButter

 Shipping Info:

  • All items are available for FREE pick up on Saturdays in Veneta  or Free delivery in the Eugene/Springfield & Veneta/Elmira, Oregon areas only.   
  • Due to the nature of shipping delicate chocolates this is a local product only - available for pick up and local delivery.
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