Mother's Milk Soap

Mother's Milk Soap

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Customized with Bella's ~ Mother's Milk Soap

Made in small batches, your Mother's Milk Soap is custom made for you and your baby using your own breast milk, skin loving natural oils and Shea butter.  Your soap is cured for 6 weeks on an individual, labeled rack and you receive all of the soap that your breast milk makes. 

Mother's Milk Soap creates loads of creamy lather and is gentle and nurturing for you and your baby.

9 Bars/40 oz (6 oz breast milk) $54 
18 Bars/80 oz (12 oz breast milk) $98
You provide frozen breast milk (in cubes) and I will create the soap. Special orders only/Not for resale.  Rates is based on Soap Making Services.  Your personalized soap will cure for 6 weeks.

Soap Ingredients:

Coconut, Olive, Sunflower and Castor Oils, Aloe Vera, YOUR Breast Milk, Sodium Hydroxide, Raw Shea Butter and Sodium Lactate (salt).  Plus your breast milk.  You will send us your frozen breast milk overnight in an insulated box or if you are local we will arrange to pick up.

  • 100% Breast Milk (no Aloe Vera) - 9 Bars/40 oz (12 oz breast milk) - 18 Bars/80 oz (24 oz breast milk) - No additional charge 
  • Essential Oils Added - 9 Bars/40 oz + $5 - 18 Bars/80 oz + $10
  • Botanicals - 9 Bars/40 oz + $3 - 18 Bars/80 oz + $6 (i.e. Roses, Lavender, Calendula, Clays)
  • Infused Oils - 9 Bars/40 oz + $5 - 18 Bars/80 oz + $10 (i.e. Rose, Lavender, Calendula) Allow an additional 2 weeks

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