Organic Shea Butter

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Fair Trade, Raw, Organic, Grade A Ivory Shea Butter.

Our Shea Butter is handmade for best quality by an elite women's group in Ghana.
Travelers to Africa recorded the use of Shea Butter in the 1300's, but was used by the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra of Egypt in their eras long before.

Perfect for personal use as is or combine with a selection of other beneficial oils and scents.

  • Healing and moisturizing power comes from the fruit of Shea (Karite) tree found in Africa
  • High in Vitamins A (Beta Carotene), E, and F
  • Has a more pleasant nutty smell.
  • Ivory Shea butter is traditionally light gray or whiter in color.
  • Store in a cool dark location
  • Use clean hands or utensil to avoid contamination
  • Preservative free, do not introduce water to Shea butter (water may encourage bacteria growth)

Ingredients:  100% Organic, raw grade A Ivory Shea butter, thats all!